Malware-Defeating File Sharer

Version 1.2 website shown. Currently v2.1

Malware Reality : A Predator with Teeth and Claws

Its teeth wreck your data and its claws shred your profits.

"Just because the tiger hasn't bitten you doesn't mean it won't. And when it does it'll hurt."

Evidence shows that prevention is financially far better than recovery

Simply installing 'security' software on MS-Windows computers is rarely sufficient mainly because Windows still does not have MAC.

So there's an urgent need to close the safety gaps effectively.

MDFS Business Benefits
  1. Sleep easier knowing that your business's data and profits are protected far more effectively than with other approaches.
  2. Supercharge productivity protection by pairing MDFS with our Desktop Fallback scheme.
  3. Much more effective than insurance.
  4. Safer, more reliable and economical, than using "The Cloud".
  5. Defeats attacks that attempt file encryption, file deletion, file exfiltration, server invasion, and more.
  6. Simple administration of users and shares using a web browser.
  7. Unlimited users, and no Client Access Licences to buy and keep track of.
  8. Uses mainstream technology and has long-term viability.
  9. See also our Client Experience document.

Actually, there is no "Cloud". Just computers owned and controlled by others. [ 1, 2 ]

MDFS Technical Benefits
  1. An MS-Windows compatible File Sharer that does not itself use Windows, and thus is intrinsically immune to Windows malware.
  2. Supercharge productivity protection by pairing MDFS with our Desktop Fallback scheme.
  3. Functionality does not rely on anti-virus software or so-called 'AI'.
  4. Straightforward Windows Domain integration, where needed. But we recommend avoiding doing so if at all possible - so that MDFS remains fully usable when your Domain Controllers get taken down. For the same reason all local DHCP and DNS servers should be run by non-Windows machines.
  5. Secure off-site backup is available : Overview and Options.
  6. Its own robustness is greatly enhanced by the very powerful SELinux safety mechanism which, amongst its many capabilities, can defeat unknown exploits.
  7. Automated monitoring, reporting, and alerting.
  8. Remote support delivered from non-Windows computers and using quadruply-secured (4FA) access.
  9. Provided as an Enterprise Linux Virtual Machine, run by an EL Hypervisor. We also document how to improve resilience via using Warm Spare VMs. Hypervisor can run additional VMs, subject to hardware capacity.
Test Drive

We can provide a free Test Drive for potential business clients. English-speaking ones initially.

Each Test Drive starts with a fresh MDFS VM running on our server. You'll need to install a Wireguard VPN client on your workstation and configure it to connect to the VM. We provide configuration details.

To make efficient use of resources we respond to what we consider to be credible requests from businesses. So if a Test Drive interests your business please make a request containing some details of your IT situation.

$Millions At Risk

MDFS will save some adoptees millions of dollars, and in some cases save the business itself. Because copious evidence [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ] supports the assertion that for business users of MS-Windows the question is when, not if, a major malware invasion will occur.


You're sceptical that MDFS can do what nobody else seems able to do reliably.

MDFS is non-Windows so we don't have to contend with the "Windows high background-noise level" and so have an excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) when looking for signs of workstation malware "playing with" the shared files.

Its own robustness in greatly enhanced both by SELinux and being immune to Windows malware. Note that MS-Windows doesn't have any mechanism that's even close to SELinux's capabilities.

Further Details

Background information and FAQs are here.

Terms and Conditions are here.

To avoid giving potential attackers more clues here, you'll need to request further details.

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