Projects Involvement
An incomplete list of data handling projects that our people and our associates have been involved in with our current or previous companies, or employment :
  1. Kiwifruit orchard : automated water-take recording, with daily report generating and uploading to a local-government server.
  2. Major NZ motor vehicle parts supplier : PC software to record items and send the data to their mainframe computer via a terminal emulator card in the PC.
  3. Major NZ clothing manufacturer : recording details of consignments and interacting with airline IT system (EDI).
  4. Major NZ foam manufacturer : automated assembling of chemical components for car seat foam batches. Improved their bottom-line by $1 million/year.
  5. Major NZ motor vehicle tyre maufacturer : tyre tread extruder control.
  6. Major NZ footwear producer : recording, labelling, reporting.
  7. Asset tracking for NZ Parliametary Services.
  8. River stopbanks : calculating stability, and stabilisation modifications where needed.
  9. Animal coat fibre diameter measuring : microscope, camera, stepper motors, image analysis.
  10. Primary producer processing lines (meat and fish) : weighing, labelling, recording, reporting.
  11. Coolstore and freezer management for meat processing works.
  12. Primary producers : stock ledger maintenance and reporting.
  13. Fruit packhouse : weighing, labelling, recording, reporting, generating and uploading of export documents.
  14. Supermarket-chain meat distribution centre : incoming and outgoing weighing, recording, reporting, anomaly alerting.
  15. Cheese factory : handling a 20kg cheese-block stream delivered by conveyor, involving barcode reading, controlling packaging removal, inkjet printing, glue application, diversion to appropriate pallet stacker, pallet label printing.
  16. Dairy factory : production recording, labelling, reporting.
  17. Animal hide processor : recording and reporting.
  18. Gliding competitions : recording of start and finish times, real-time progress display, generating score reports.
  19. Secondary school : attendance recording and reporting; staff had WiFi-connected tablets.
  20. Car electronics maufacturer : inventory management.
  21. Woolstore management.

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