For server software we require reliability, flexibility, speed, efficiency, safety, and openness.

With simple friendly licence terms, and no artificial limits (or licencing) on things such as the number of users or the number of CPUs
Server Operating System

This is an Enterprise Linux (EL). It's lean, efficient, well-hardened, and supported for a long time.

We think EL is the ideal foundation for industrial and commercial systems, and are confident that you'll agree once you have some understanding of it.

Wherever possible we run it on a Virtual Machine. A major reason being business-resilience - fast recovery is possible if hardware fails.

It's free to download and use. We charge for our expertise and time in producing a system that does what you need it to, and for any hardware.
Server Capabilities

Providing any or all of the standard services, plus whatever services are provided by applications.

All being run more efficiently and safely than you'll have experienced with proprietary servers.

When an SQL database is needed we use PostgreSQL. We've been using it since 2004 and have yet to find a reason to use a proprietary SQL server instead.

We support hardware that we supply and software installs that we perform. We do software support remotely via a secure internet connection whenever possible. Something we've been doing routinely for moe than 15 years.

For non-warranty support the basis can be either pay-per-instance or a contract for up to a specified number of hours. The per-instance response time is slower because we need to obtain a separate authorisation-to-act for each one.

In February 2017 we retired a Enterprise Linux server that since February 2011 had been directly connected to the Internet and had provided many services.

It had easily delivered what was required, and successfully blocked all of the literally billions of attempts to breach it.

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